The 2-day TermoEXPO Zone provides an ideal opportunity to engage potential partners and clients in discussions, which will yield benefits in the future. Despite the raise of internet as a medium of knowledge exchange, the web no substitute for the still-popular industrial trade fairs. Internet allows us to explore the goods and services of a given company, but won’t provide us the direct contact with our business partner. And after all, it’s the personal relationship and getting to know each other that often decides whether we want to pursue business with the other party. Trade fairs are the ideal place to engage in personal dialogue with potential partners / clients and to ask them specific questions. Trade fairs also provide space for holding many meetings in a relatively short period, which by itself saves money and time.

Benefits in a nutshell:

 – acquiring new clients,

 – compiling data bases of new clients,

 – enhancing contacts with clients,

 – introducing new goods and services onto the market,

 – presenting and promoting goods,

 – direct sale of goods,

 – building company’s image,

 – creating and improving the brand,

  – increasing media attention.

Moreover, the trade fair is an ideal place to:

 – getting to know client’s expectations,

 – obtaining immediate feedback concerning company’s products,

 – sourcing local representatives and distributors.